The preferred choice of professionals.

When it comes to choosing a ceiling that is strong and durable, Everest Standard Ceilings seem to be the preferred choice by engineers and architects alike. They are made using the revolutionary HPSC technology which makes them completely moisture, termite and fire resistant. They also offer exemplary thermal resistance and dimensional stability under prolonged exposure to moisture.

Everest Standard Ceilings – Your perfect choice

Everest Standard Ceiling
Plywood / Practice board
Cement bonded particle board
Gypsum board
AC board
Calcium silicate board
Cost Medium Medium Medium Medium Low Medium
Fire Resistance Good Poor Good Good Good Good
Termite Resistance Good Poor Good Good Good Good
Moisture Resistance Good Poor Good Poor Good Good
Workability Medium Good Medium Good Poor Medium
Weight Moderate Light Heavy Moderate Heavy Moderate
Durability Excellent Poor Average Poor Good Average
Environment Friendly Excellent Poor Good Poor Poor Good