Roofing Solutions

2 out of 3 Indians have an Everest roof over their heads.

One billion square meters of industrial as well as residential roofing in India, make Everest a name synonymous with roofing across the country. Following a specially developed fibre cement orientation  process,  Everest  Roofing  Sheets  are  made  from  superior  quality  cement  and imported  fibre. Rigorous quality checks assure longer life and greater durability.


Everest Roofing Solutions include: Everest AC Roofing and Everest Hi-Tech, Everest Rooflight and Metal Roofing. Everest Roofing, which is fibre cement corrugated roofing sheets, are being used extensively throughout the country for factories, power plants, stadiums, schools, urban and rural houses, to name a few. Everest Hi-Tech is a high impact resistance non-asbestos corrugated modern roofing system.


Everest Rooflight – another high quality polycarbonate roofing sheet and Everest Metal roofing, are available in galvalume (bare and coloured), pre-painted galvanized iron. Everest also offers a standing seam profile, which ensures the use of large length sheets without endlaps.


We have covered over 1 billion sq. mts. of industrial and residential roofs in India and 2 out of 3 Indians have an Everest roof over their heads.  Following a special developed fibre cement orientation process, Everest Corrugated Sheets are made from superior quality cement and imported fibre.  These sheets undergo rigorous quality checks that are arguably a few steps ahead of ISI, assuring a longer life and greater durability.


Everest roofing systems consist of:

  • Corrugated Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets
  • Everest Hi-Tech – Non Asbestos Modern Roofing System with HIPP (High Impact Polypropylene)
  • Technology
  • Metal Roofing Sheets
  • Everest Rooflight – Polycarbonate
  • Roofing accessories like Ridges, Gutters, North Light Curves, etc