Breathtaking options in gypsum & calcium walls & ceilings

Get dazzled by the sheer brilliance of gypsum and calcium-silicate based walls and ceilings in grid format or largeformat, non-grid options.

The Snazz gypsum division in Anutone was established around the same time as the Soft division, in November 2007 and was also one of the first outside the traditional business. It was initially in association with Knauf Danogips Denmark, world leaders in perfed gypsum technologies, but now Anutone continues with its own operations.



Pixel Smery Series

  • Sibyl+

Pixel Series

  • Taper



Perf Series

  • Pixel Steppe
  • Pixel Square

Vinyl Series

  • Slate Square
  • Slate Vin
  • Slate Sculpt

Cal Series

  • Cal Square
  • Cal Vin
  • Cal Sculpt