Metal Furned Suspended Ceiling which includes Diamond Frames perimeter channel of size 0.55mm thick (having one flange of 20mm and another flange of 30mm and a web of 27mm) along with the Perimeter of ceiling, Screw fix to brick/ block wall / Partitions with the help of nylon sleeves then Suspending Diamond Frames intermediate channel of size (0.80mm thick with two equal flanges each 15mm) from the soffit at 900mm centres with ceiling angle (0.55mm x 10mm x 25mm) fixed to soffit with the help of soffit cleat and Rawl Plug then a Diamond Frames Ceiling Section 0.55mm thick having web of 80mm and two flanges of 26mm each with leps of 10.5mm are then fixed to the intermediate channel and direction perpendicular to the intermediate channel at 457mm C /c. Single layer of 12mm thick Plaster board (Strong Core and Strong Paper Bonding ) is then screw to Ceiling Section with the help of 25mm Drywall Screw at 300mm interval.

Finally jointing & finishing process to be completed with the help of filling compound and Paper / Fiber tape as per recommended practices.

Important point to be noted during the execution :

At the time of installation of frame level must to be checked throughly, And kerosine oil to be use inside thetransparent tube instead of water. Quality Rawl Plug to be used and Ceiling Angle to be Suspended from soffit cleat with the help 12.5mm long nut bolt . Every juntion of intermediate channel and ceiling Section connecting clip must be used.Any cut open like AC Grill, Spot Light etc . Plaster Board open edge to be protected with the help of additional frame (By Diamond Frames )