Some surfaces just refuse to let anything stick. Momentive supplies a variety of innovative adhesive and sealant additives that help you promote adherence to hard-to-coat substrates. Indispensable in residential and commercial construction as well as industrial and transportation applications, these products are offered under a series of well-known trademarks such as SPUR+*, Silquest*, Silquest A-Link* and Silquest Wetlink.


In addition to promoting adhesion, when used in the manufacture of consumer products or as industrial processing aids, our silanes can impart superior chemical resistance, excellent weatherability, elasticity and durability.


Also to make your processing easier, our adhesive and sealant additives offer:

  • Low viscosity without diluents
  • Primerless adhesion to many materials
  • Virtually no isocyanates
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • No bubbling
  • Immediate paintability
  • No staining on porous substrates