UV Curable Products

State-of-the-Art Curing Technology

Our ultraviolet (UV) curable coatings, resins, silicone rubbers and adhesives deliver a much more efficient and ecologically friendly alternative to thermally cured systems. They have no volatile emissions due to their 100% solids content, and cure almost instantaneously.


Momentive has long been a leader in developing cutting edge technology. Our UV curable coatings have been protecting light bearing glass strands for decades.


A new curing technology of silicone rubbers has been introduced by Momentive by using UV light to cure Liquid Silicones Rubbers (LSR) and Heat Cured Rubbers (HCR). This can enable new product combinations of silicone elastomers with temperature sensitive plastics, electronic parts or ingredients.


Our combination of UV curable products, unmatched technical service, and global capabilities have allowed us to serve a wide range of customers.