Gypsum board Jointing and Finishing is an inevitable and imperative stage for the creation of aesthetically stunning and functionally sound gypsum ceilings and partitions. Jointing and Finishing is the process which transforms gypsum panels into smooth, structurally sound walls and ceilings and eventually determines their final aesthetics.

At Saint-Gobain Gyproc India we offer an array of products as a part of the Jointing and Finishing solutions range which includes Setting Powder Jointing material, Air-Drying Powder Jointing Material and Wet Ready Mix Jointing Material along with the joint-reinforcing tapes.

Any crack or gap in the ceiling or partition can result in a significant drop in their acoustical and fire performance. The Jointing and Finishing acts as a barrier to arrest such cracks and gaps and thus determines the acoustical and fire performance of the Gypsum ceiling and partition.

Our range of Jointing and Finishing products is manufactured at world class manufacturing facilities with stringent quality measures ensuring consistent and outstanding quality products. They are formulated with value adding additives to compensate the expansion/contraction of boards on the joints and thus preventing cracks in the joints.


The Saint-Gobain Group puts environmental sustainability at the top pedestal and in coherence to the ideology; we at Saint-Gobain Gyproc India bring in ecofriendly Jointing and Finishing products.