Gels & Encapsulants

Potting, Bonding, Sealing, Control of Thermal Conductivity & Resistance

When you’re protecting fragile or intricate components, ballpark isn’t good enough—you need to be selective. You can trust gels and encapsulants from Momentive to reliably dissipate heat and help keep your electronics running. Momentive’s filler and polymer solutions offer higher performance, increased miniaturization, and long-term dependability.


Other benefits include: fast room temperature cure, green strength, component protection, electrical stability, stress relief, thermal dissipation, temperature resistance, ionic purity, superior thermal interfacing, and high electro-conductivity in an adhesive.


Look for product lines such as Addisil*, SilCool*, InvisiSil*, SnapSil*, and RTV sealants to solve your industry’s heat dissipation challenges including:


Automotive   Engine control module gels
Displays   Component adhesives/Coatings
Appliances   Circuit board coatings
Lighting   LED encapsulants
Power   Module potting
Gaming   Heat dissipation adhesives
Semiconductors & IC   Packaging



*Addisil, SilCool, InvisiSil and SnapSil are trademarks of Momentive Performance Materials Inc. 
*Silopren is a trademark of Bayer AG, used under license.