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GP Silicone

KINGSTON GP is a premium quality RTV silicone rubber sealant that offers excellent adhesion and performance in interior and exterior applications.

Used for  *Glass    *Tiles   *Ceramics   *Aluminum    *Non-oily woods   *Plastics     *Baseboards

1.  Remove dirt. Grease, moisture and old caulk. If joint size exceeds ½” X ½” use backer rod.

2. Mask both sides of joint.

3. Cut nozzle to desired bead size. Pierce seal. Load sealant cartridge in caulking gun. Place nozzle into joint and apply sealant into gap Apply above 40 F (5 C).

4. Smooth or “tool” bead if needed. Remove masking tape immediately. Replace cap.

5. wipe hands and tools thoroughly before washing Tack free in 30 minutes normally cares in 24 hours.

Maximum temperature resistance 400F (205C)

UNCURED PRODUCT MAY CAUSE IRRITATION.  Methanol and ammonia released during application and cure. Avoid breathing vapors. Use good ventilation or wear NIOSH approved respirator. If experiencing effects listed above move to fresh air. Get medical attention if symptoms persist. Avoid contact, wear skin and eye protection. Remove contact lenses before using. Do not touch lenses until all sealant is cleaned from fingertips, nails and cuticles. Sealant may transfer to lenses causing severe eye irritation. Eye contact: immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes; get medical attention if irritation persists. Repeat or prolonged contact may cause skin, respiratory, kidney, cardiovascular effects, for health information, please refer to MSDS.